Chris Winch - equestrian artist

Chris Winch's work is inspired by the cave paintings of early man. He applies emotionally led textures and colour to the canvas using natural materials such as sand, chalk, wood shavings and brick dust. Once this is dry, he starts to paint the animal, employing impasto techniques applying the paint with a palette knife, sponges and fingers, letting the image grow from its background. He tries to convey the horses spirit, its movement, and the sculptural qualities of its form. As the light moves through a room during the day, it catches the paintings textures differently, constantly giving it other dimensions.

Commissioned portraits are undertaken, either as watercolours or the more extravagant mixed media canvases. Prices start from £150 for a watercolour. These take around three weeks to produce and if any of Chris's paintings are out of stock, an order can usually be turned around within three weeks.

Money can be refunded less the postage, packing and insurance costs. If people wish to collect their painting, they can visit the artist in Newmarket.

All are mixed media on canvas and are supplied unframed. VAT is not charged.