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Following our extensive survey, the Riding Company is making some huge changes which will revolutionise the way we book riding holidays. From your feedback, this is your dream list of what you want to be able to do:

  • Check availability for your dates instantly
  • Check the lowest internet price right away, taking advantage of any offers and deals offered by the hotels
  • Check the latest 'Trip Advisor' style ratings by other riders
  • Book and pay by credit card right away with just a few clicks
  • Book the duration you want (convenient to you and not just the agent)
  • Avoid pre-booking packages you are not sure you will use when you get there
  • Book your riding, services and activities in resort after proper consultation with a knowledgeable person and not by someone sitting in an office back home

Through our sister website 'Equestrian Hotels' and our global booking partners you are now able to do all this, without paying us any commission.

Save money: Good news for you, booking your holiday direct through Equestrian Hotels will also cost you a lot less than if you booked using a conventional riding travel agent.

Getting to the holidays: We know that most of you feel there is a need for a new direct way to book your riding holidays - you already book your own flights and are happy reaching our venues without our help - either with airport taxi, car hire, train, or asking the venues themselves to send their shuttle buses to meet you.

Your favourite hotels: Most of the hotels we have worked with for many years - which many of you book again and again, year after year, have signed up to the new global booking system. Many of the ride and ski venues are now bookable through Equestrian Hotels, but you will also see a whole host of exciting new ones.

Ride & Ski hotels

Beach riding on the Andalucian coast

Family riding venues in the Alps,

Romantic get-aways in the castle hotels of Ireland

Dressage holidays in Portugal


Put simply, Equestrian Hotels cuts out the middle man and saves you money.

Superb new riding venues

Explora, Chile

Through our sister website and our global booking partners, you can now book these yourself at record low prices with just a few clicks.

We are now only working with riding venues who have signed up to a global booking system who can offer you the instant online booking system.

We are excited by how many riding venues have already signed up: most of them are internationally recognised 4 and 5 star hotels so you can depend on the quality of service but you can also check out the 'horseshoe rating' before booking.

Check out what's on offer at an affordable price at Equestrian Hotels:

A luxury polo estate in The Dominican Republic

A Gaucho Estancia in Argentina

The famous Desert Palm in Dubai

Western trail riding in Wyoming

An Eco-resort in Brazil,

Spectacular Desert riding in Chile

Safari based at the stunning Rohet Garh in Rajasthan

Horse-shoe rating system

Susan River, Australia

'Trip Advisor' style rating system, just for riders.

Although at the Riding Company, we pride ourselves on our personal knowledge of each and every venue on our books, standards and facilities change over the years and it is only with your accumulated feedback that we are alerted to an under-performing venue and can take action. None of our competitors can visit all their riding venues each season!

At Equestrian Hotels, you can check instantly on a hotel's current performance and what others think about the horses, the riding and the trainers or guides before deciding to book.

The site has its own horseshoe rating system whereby you can rate the venues you have visited with between 1 (poor) and 5 (excellent) horseshoes. You can see a hotel's current performance before deciding to book.

So, please help us and visit the site to leave your appraisal on any hotels you have visited as we are keen to build up this valuable feedback as quickly as possible.

We want you to feel that this is your site, so please use it and tell your friends! Equestrian Hotels is intended as a site for riders, by riders.

From the Horses' Mouth

Auersberg Safaris

Once your accommodation has been booked via Equestrian Hotels, guaranteeing you the lowest internet price, the riding can be arranged and paid for when you arrive; the staff can see how you ride and explain the week's programme or you can discuss your individual riding requirements.

Equestrian Hotels encourages you to contact the venues in advance of your arrival if you have any specific queries about any aspect of the riding.

Stylish South African Safari on Horseback (photo)

Book your Big 5 African safari over the internet with Equestrian Hotels and Cecile, the owner of Out in Africa Safaris will contact you directly to answer any questions you may have.

Riding Activity

Half Moon Rock Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

At Equestrian Hotels, you can search for your perfect riding holiday by 'Riding Activity' such as:

Trail riding
Horse safari
Beach riding
Ranches/cattle drives
Carriage driving
Learn to ride
Family friendly
Kids' summer camps
Equestrian Events
Ride & Ski
Natural horsemanship.

For example, if you select 'Polo' in the drop-down menu you will get a selection of the polo holidays on offer from all over the world such as Argentina, Germany, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Dubai, USA, Spain and in the UK. One of our favourites is the luxurious Half Moon Rock Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica (picture).

Equestrian Events

Il Palio, Siena

Your accommodation problems solved: Book direct and save money

Whether it's the famous Medieval horse race in Tuscany, Snow Polo at St. Moritz or the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, you can now book the best nearby hotel at the lowest internet rate easily and quickly. You are booking your own flight and possibly your own car hire so you just don't need to pay for an expensive package any more.

The Equestrian Events part of the site is currently being developed but in the meantime, do please send us any suggestions for events you would like to see added.