Ride a Lipizzaner stallion at the Original Stud Farm in Lipica, Slovenia

The Lipica stud farm in Slovenia was the original stud which has been breeding these famous horses since 1580. After WWII, Lipizza was no longer part of Austria and its long history with the Spanish Riding School in Vienna came to end. The beautiful Karst region of Slovenia is particularly suited to breeding these noble horses both due to climate and the quality of the grazing pastures and the old traditions continue today.

Here you can ride the famous horses in escorted morning treks (not Saturdays) and join a guided tour of the original stud farm. You can also see a training session of these beautiful white stallions in action in the arena. Carriage driving also takes place in the arena. Pony and trap rides around the grounds are also possible after the presentation. (Daily at 3.30pm and 4.30pm or weekends and holidays between 11am and 5pm).

This day trip is available from the Pristava Chalets and the Pule Estate.

If you would like to view the location of the stud farm, please refer to the overview map.


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