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This is a delightful family-run Country House hotel where there is a long tradition of horses; the owners have been breeding Anglo-Arabian horses here for generations and horses still provide the focal point. Relax by the pool or in the shade of the numerous oak trees, enjoying the peace and quiet. Varied riding scenery, from the farmland and mountains around the hotel in the centre of the island to the stunning beach rides along the coast (just a 30 minute car ride away); you can really experience the best of Sardinia here, away from the crowds. Join our short break of 4 nights or our 7 nights trip 'Monte e Mare' which is a mobile ride with a difference - you return to the comfort of the hotel each afternoon to relax by the pool or for some sight-seeing. Join our Riding Company trip : 5-12th May (over the Spring bank holiday). Get in touch for details

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The Horses: 10 Anglo Arabs bred on site. The horses live a happy life in huge paddocks and are out day and night. Some of them participated in national and international competitions, before they returned to Mandra Edera for riding excursions and lessons. They are regularly ridden by the riding instructors in order to correct them and to maintain a high riding level for guests.

Riding Packages

“Stella di Mare” Starfish Ride at the coast: Short Break - 4 nights, 3 rides. Price: £685 per person

Based at the Mandra Edera club house directly on the beach, the package consists of 4 nights on full board at the hotel with 3 days of riding at the sea, 3 – 4 hours every day in the mornings, then having lunch together at the stables, with the afternoons free to enjoy lazing on the beach or swimming in the sea, before returning to the hotel.

Itinerary: 1st day: From the hotel, we pass the huge pine wood of Is Arenas, riding the undulating sandy terrain, beneath pine trees which filter the dappled sunlight, enjoying the wonderful aroma. Finally we reach the sandy beach of Is Arenas. The horses love to play in the water so there is always time for a refreshing walk in the surf. At almost 10 km long, the beach is perfect for a great gallop / canter!
2nd day: Today we will discover the stony and cliff area of Capo Mannu. The views today from horseback are breathtaking! We will see cliffs more than 200 metres in height, looking down on the azure sea. We will pass a big salt lake, and if we are lucky we can also see pink flamingos demonstrating their renowned one legged stance.
3rd day: Today we will ride through the protected area of Sinis. We will pass pine woods on horseback, have a canter along rural paths, surrounded by meadows full of flowers. We will climb some steep cliffs with the horses to get a fantastic view of the emerald-green water beyond. Finally we will reach the famous “rice corn beach” of Maimoni, which is covered with glittering white quartz sand, together with the intensive blue of the seawater it really is a blaze of colour.

“Monti e Mare” Mountains and Sea 7 nights in the hotel on full board, 1 day hack, 5 days riding excursion £1125 per personDiscover the beauty of Sardinia on horseback. In the 5 days of riding we will discover the varied landscape of this beautiful island. Heading out from the hotel yard, we will climb the mountain of Monte Ferru and finally arrive at the sea. The whole trail is about 150 km, we ride in areas where normal tourists never go. The horses are beautiful, friendly and well schooled; they enjoy the trail as much as the riders do. After each day’s ride, they stay in a paddock over night, while the guests go back to the hotel by Jeep and enjoy their free afternoon at the pool or relaxing in the large garden of Mandra Edera.

Itinerary: 1st day: Arrival, check-in. Welcome Drink before dinner, meeting other members of the group, the guide will give some information about the week. Dinner at 8pm.
2nd day: After breakfast, meet at the stable and get to know your horse. The first ride will explore the surrounding countryside and will last about one and half hours. Each day after the ride, we will return for lunch, so that you have the rest of the day to enjoy as you wish. Dinner is always at 8 pm.
3rd day: After breakfast we start the first stage of the long trail (approx. 3 hours). We will pass old shepherd paths and huge cork oak forests, see sheep, pigs and donkeys. Finally we will climb the first part of Mountain “Monte Ferru”. There we will leave our horses in a paddock and prepare them for an over night stay. We start at about 400 metres and arrive at about 700 metres above the sea.. The jeep will pick us up and bring us back to the hotel, just in time for a delicious lunch.
4th day: After breakfast, departure by Jeep to the paddock and prepare our horses for the next stage (about 4 hours). We will pass the village “San Leonardo” which is famous for its fountains and enter the protected park of the Mountain “Monte Ferru”. We will enter a totally new landscape, full of rocks and boulders, sometimes it looks like an isolated moon scape. If we are lucky we may see some wild pigs or at least their tracks. We will pass the peak at 1.100 metres and see the sea from afar – a wonderful, breathtaking view to the west coast of Sardinia. Then we begin our descent, climbing down with our horses to 800 metres and prepare them for an over night stay at Mount “Seneghe”.
5th day: Today we will pass a huge forest with a mystical atmosphere (about 3 hours riding). The landscape and the vegetation are totally different to the day before. All is green and humid, many different trees are growing here at Mount “Seneghe”. We will have a rest with a snack after two hours. Then we continue our way, always downwards, passing Mediterranian Macchia (typical vegetation for Sardinia), smell the herbs and see unusual exotic plants. Finally we reach an area which reminds us of Mexico because of the abundance of cacti. When we arrive at our paddock at Ranch Catzeddu, we have dropped from 800 metres coming down to 50 metres above sea level.
6th day: Today we will arrive at the beach! After breakfast we go by jeep to the Ranch Catzeddu and prepare our horses for the next excursion (approx 3.5 hours). Quite soon you will start to smell the salty sea air and see the blue water from a distance as we follow the stony paths or cross meadows full of flowers. We ride through a pine wood and arrive finally at the beach of Is Arenas which is 8 km long. Here the horses can play in the sea and we will have a wonderful canter along the beach. All the horses love it! Finally we reach a small stable at “Sa Rocca Tunda”, where the horses stay overnight. The riders can have a refreshing swim in the sea (30 metres from the stable).
7th day: After breakfast we go by Jeep to the stable by the sea, to prepare our horses for the last section (approx 4.5 hours). Although we are close to the sea the whole day, the landscape will be totally different from yesterday. We will discover the protected area of the half island of Sinis on horseback, we will ride through pine forests, have a canter over meadows full of flowers, climb with our horses up steep cliffs with a fantastic view to the emerald-green water beyond. Finally we will reach the famous “rice corn beach” of “Maimoni”, very photogenic with its amazing stretch of dazzling white quartz sand next to the deep blue of the sea. This is the end of a great trip! The horses will be picked up by horse lorry and transported back to the Hotel. The riders will meet together for a farewell drink at the hotel and say goodbye to their horses, which will no doubt have become dear friends over the last few days.

Package Galoppo: Pre-book the number of units but decide what you want to do when you arrive. This is a new riding program offered by Mandra Edera for those who want to stay flexible and mix and match different hacks and/or lessons during the week. You can can buy any amount of individual riding-units which cost £16 each. Similar to a lift pass you acquire for example 10 or 20 riding units. On site you can decide whether you want to improve your riding skills with a qualified riding instructor, whether you prefer to have a hack to explore the surrounding countryside, or if you even want to book an unforgettable canter at the beach.

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Getting there: guidelline only

There are three airports (Olbia, Alghero, Cagliari) all 1 hour 45 minutes by car from Mandra Edera.

Transfer from the airport: We recommend that guests hire a car since the afternoons are free for you to explore the island or spend at the beach. Car hire costs between £325 and £170 per week depending on the period.

Taxi or minibus transfer: the price depends of the number of people; for larger groups (6 people and more) the minibus will cost about £53 per person. For a 4 person taxi from the airport: the cost is about £120 one way. Transfer by private car: £85 one way (1 – 3 people).

Minimum riding level for doing the “Monti e Mare” trail: people should feel safe trotting and cantering, should be able to control the horse at all times and should be comfortable in the saddle for between 3 – 4.5 hours each day.

Minimum age: about 12 years (when having good riding skills), maximum weight: 100 kilo

The riding guides: Daniele and Illa. Daniele Licheri is the owner of Mandra Edera, he breeds and trails the horses as his family have done for many generations. Illa left her home country of Germany several years ago to make the lovely island of Sardinia her home. She has been riding most of her life and speaks various languages including English.

Room Discounts: 3rd bed in the suite: 30% off all periods. 4th/5th bed in the suite: 50% off all periods. Cot bed 0/3 years : free;

Extra charges: Double room for single use: 50% Suite for single use: 70% Single use when having a riding package (galoppo, Monti & Mare, Stella di Mare): 30 % (= special discount) Meals can be booked à la carte.

Group discounts: if you bring a group of 4-5 people 10% discount, 6-7 people 15%, or if you are a group of 8-10, then you get a 20% off these prices

Single supplement is £110 for standard room per week and £175 for garden suite per week for single use

Weather: best time to visit Spring and Autumn.

Tack: English tack

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