12 Romantic Riding Trails in the side valleys of Gerlos, up to an altitude of 2000m

Wimmertal. Route 1

Half-day ride. This beautiful valley lies just across from the ranch. After a short gentle climb, the valley opens up to a strange landscape full of odd rock formations, leading up to the impressive peak, often called the 'Matterhorn' of Gerlos. The ride continues through the green open meadows to the lunch stop at the Wimmertal Alm hut.

Wimmertal-Grundhutten. Routes 1 & 2

Full day ride. From the Wimmertal valley, this ride continues up to the head of the valley to the highest Alm hut, the Grundhutten, at 1800m. After a hearty lunch here, you may climb to the peak (on foot) to the Wimmer-Scharte (2500m).

Wimmertal-Schlaghutten. Routes 1 & 3

Full day ride. From the Wimmertal vally, this route takes a detour to the Schlag Alm huts which lie on a ridge at 1700m. From here you are rewarded with the most magnificent view across the Gerlos valley, and the peaks of Kreuzjoch, Isskogel and Konigsleiten.

Furstalm. Routes 1 & 4

Full day ride. A wonderful ride through meadows filled with wild flowers and up to the high altitude pine forests. Stunning panorama across the Zillertaler Alps and the High Tauern national park from the summit.

Schwarzachtal. Route 5

Half-day ride. From the Kroller ranch, we cross over the Gerlos stream and ride along the shore of the Gmund reservoir to the start of the Schwarzachtal valley. Continue through a narrow band of forest, past the Schwarzach-Bichlaste and into the narrow romantic valley of the Schwarzachtal. Lunch stop is at a hut well-known for its music.

Upper Schwarzach. Routes 5 & 6

Full day ride. From the Schwarzachtal, the path winds its way up to the Summer pastures of the Schwarzach. The wildly romantic Hochkar lies at height of 1700m, surrounded by dramatic peaks of the Bramberger Kolms.

Weissbachalm. Routes 5 & 7

Full day ride. From the entrance of the Schwarzachtal, this route takes a right turn towards the White Stream Alm (Weissbachalm). This ride is spectacular in the Spring, when you have a good chance of spotting a rare Alpine rose. Also not to be missed on this ride are the outstanding rock formations and peaks of the imposing North face of the Brandberger Kolmkammes.

Gerlos-Schonachtal. Routes 8 & 8

Full day ride. This route follows the romantic path from the Oberwirt to the Schonachtal. The ride continues up to the Stinkmoos Alm plateau where there are lovely views back down the valley. We take a break at the Lackenalm hut.

Isskogel. Route 11

Full day ride. The ride leads over Grasegg and along the Gmunder forestry tracks to the Isskogel peak. At the top, you are afforded an unforgettable panoramic view from the Otztaler Alps, across the High Tauern and the Zillertal glaciers right the way round to the Gerlos valleys.

Krummbachtal. Route 12

Full day ride. Following the Gerlos stream by the ranch, this ride leads straight to the idyllic mountain village of Gerlos. After crossing the bridge at Oberwirt, the route continues into the Innertal. At a refreshment break at the Alm hut, you can enjoy a view of the whole of Gerlos. The ride continues into the Krummbach valley, where we have another break at the Krummbach hut.

Kreuzwiesen Hut. Route 13

Full day ride. This trail ventures into the high Alpine region and affords particularly spectacular views: from the Otztaler Alps to the High Tauern with their 'Grossvenediger' peaks, and across the Ziller glaciers. The route continues over the Gerlos summer pastures which hover over the Kroller ranch at a height of 1000m. Here at the Kreuzwiesen hut, there is a wonderful view to stir up the appetite for a hearty lunch.

2 day trails

From the ranch at Gerlos to the Ziller valley with an overnight in a simple alpine hut.
Day 1: Ride to Gerlostal Alm, Ausserertens, Kreuzwiesen hut. Dinner around the campfire, overnight in the cosy rustic mountain hut, the 'Schaferalm'.
Day 2: At sunrise, tack up the horses and begin the gentle climb up to the Isskogel peak. The return journey back to the Kroller ranch leads over the Krummbachtal. Magnificent views across the whole high Alpine region.

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